It's Time Companies Adopt A Days In Lieu Policy For Public Holidays

2018 has screwed us long enough!

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As Eid is likely announced for Friday-Saturday this weekend, the collective groans are always heard.

It could be that private sector gets no days off for 2018's Eid Al Fitr this weekend, which few people are happy about.

It's June, and we have had zero public holidays


Well, okay, one. New Year's Day.

But given the moon timings, every other holiday has fallen on a Friday-Saturday, meaning no days off for the private sector.

We could end the year with just two days - New Year's and National Day.

It's not enough.

It's high time, companies here adopted a days in lieu policy

In my native Australia, if a public holiday falls on a weekend, the following weekday is then given off.

It's a fairly standard system - public holidays come in lieu - so it's the same amount of holidays each year.

And it's time we in Dubai, follow this system.

Why shouldn't employers give a day off in retrospect for a public holiday?

Some do. But not all do - and are not compelled.

But they should.

By all means, it's good news for those who work weekends - and they should get the days off too

But we need to start implementing policies in companies where executive decisions are made.

And some companies have made that decision, but not all.

It's for employees' wellbeing

Plus, if we're on holidays, we'll be out spending more money and basically stimulating the economy.

And that's a good thing, right?

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