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This Year’s Earth Hour Is Solid Proof That We Can Do More If We Just Get It Together

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Earth Hour in Dubai hit an IMPRESSIVE energy-saving record of 267 megawatts.

Two hundred and sixty-seven in ONE hour.

To help you understand the magnitude of that number, let’s look at the facts from the Union of Concerned Scientists, who say that an American home uses about 7,200 kilowatt-hours of electricity a year. One megawatt (MW) equals 1,000 kilowatt. So in just an hour, Dubai saved the same amount of energy that 37 American homes consume in a year.

That’s insaaaaane.

That was accomplished in just ONE hour

An hour of switching off lights, power and other tech devices in Dubai lead to that much energy-saving!

That should give you an idea alone, first of all, on how much energy is consumed in this city and secondly, on the efficiency of adapting smarter day-to-day choices to reduce our carbon footprint.

Energy saving plays a more significant role in our lives and the future than you may think

It’s easy to forget how much of a difference the little things can make; our day-to-day lives have become so dependent on using (and abusing) energy: AC, lights, chargers, driving, etc, that we fail to realise the harm this causes to our planet.

Saving energy means you’re protecting the environment, its natural resources and you’re helping make the world a more sustainable place. The galaxy is large and as big as our planet Earth may seem- there’s also TOO many of us, and it is expected that the human race will keep multiplying.

For that, you need the natural resources we use today.

This is for your children, grandchildren and the preservation of the world as we know it.

All we need is to adopt minuscule changes

Awareness is the first step to making a difference, and it’s great that a city like Dubai is putting efforts to shed light on sustainability- on all possible corners.

Energy consumption is one of the main things that the region needs to change since most of the lifestyles and perks set, mean we use more energy and move less physically.

Let’s get it together, folks

If we at least switch electrical power that we don’t use before leaving the house, set a schedule for charging devices instead of always leaving them on charge, vow to watch less television daily- then not only would this save us money (less energy consumption, less DEWA bills), but it would also help the environment.

Other than the environment, pollution would be reduced, people would be more productive, and the future of our planet wouldn’t sound as frightening.

That’s if we decide to get our sh*t straight.

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