It Might Be Time To Rename Torch Tower

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For the third time in three years, Torch Tower was evacuated on Saturday night - however this time it was for a small fire in the sauna, which was quickly contained.

Residents shared videos of the evacuation, waiting on the street in the middle of the night to be given the all-clear.

And, after three fires, it prompted calls for the tower to be renamed - one resident calling it 'bad juju'

It could be an omen for the tower, perhaps, that it's called Torch - and constantly lighting up.

The tower has made headlines for catching fire three times - with a cigarette butt in the trash chute and flammable cladding blamed.

Many residents posted on social media that it's time that Torch was renamed.

Yes it's ironic, but is it going to make a difference if the name is changed?

Because let's face it - Zen Tower isn't exactly a name evoking images of fire and smoke - and that went up in flames.

Address Downtown also suffered a fire, and again, the name has no relevance.

Sure, Torch has suffered more than one fire, and it is a bit weird, but all that would do is perhaps, mitigate some of the media interest, and perhaps make people new to the city less aware of the tower's reputation.

More pressing issues for Torch Tower would be: fire safety, ensuring the cladding is non-flammable, that the burnt out apartments are repaired, and that the emergency systems are in place to keep residents safe.