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What BeIN Sports Has Done On The Eve Of The World Cup Is A Disgrace

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The callus act of pulling out of a deal with UAE based telecommunications company Du, by Qatar owned beIN sports just before the FIFA World Cup kicks off is a disgrace. The world cup is the largest televised tournament in the world and hugely popular amongst 206 nationalities living in the UAE. 

Now only that, people, paying customers, were enjoying the French Open tennis championships only for it to be suddenly removed. 

It’s outrageous what they have done. There may be a way where people can watch by paying for another service, however, letting down a partner like this with no warning is not acceptable. People will be upset with du, but there isn’t much more they could have done in this situation. 

This is intentionally timed and paying customers are the only ones who lose out

Make no mistake about it, this was intentional, cold and calculated. On the anniversary of the Qatar crisis, which took place on the 5th of June in 2017, they’ve made another politically motivated move. Yet, it’s the people who lose out. 

A statement released today says a contract expired on the 31st of May and it hasn’t been possible to renew terms. 

du have been completely let down by one of their main suppliers and it’s really sad to see

They have been dealing with all customer service queries online doing all they can to help

Etisalat customers should be able to avail of the service, but details are unclear at this stage

Some people are going direct to beIN which may be the best way to watch the tournament now

beIN connect offers a monthly package for $18, however their world cup package is $150, that’s an additional AED 551 for customers to pay. 

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