Our Top Seven Jake Gyllenhaal Movies

Because he's all anyone in Dubai is talking about RIGHT NOW!


You can't scroll two stories on Facebook without someone mentioning that Jake G is in town, that he's at Dubai International Film Festival, that he's BEAUTIFUL. He was presented with Variety's 'International Star of the Year' award (well deserved it is too!). It got us discussing our favourite Jake G films.

If you haven't seen these, make sure to add them to your post-brunch recovery essentials for a Saturday.

7. From all the way back in 2001

Donnie Darko may be well over a decade old but it's one of our all time favourites and we still have the odd nightmare about that creepy big rabbit stalking a teenaged Jake Gyllenhaal after escaping a bizarre accident.

6. The most recent of the bunch

2015 saw Jake Gyllenhaal, alongside Rachel Mc Adams, in one of his most challenging roles to date and we think he nailed it. South Paw tells the story of Billy "The Great Hope" who hits rock bottom when tragedy strikes. Rotten Tomatoes is seriously mistaken in it's rating of this spectacular film. We say 10/10.

5. Killing two birds with one stone

We love Jake Gyllenhaal and as we've said before, we also love Jennifer Aniston. Rom-Com, The Good Girl ticks two boxes on our list and is a win-win for any audience.

4. No, this is nothing like the Avengers

Ok, Jake may have teamed up with the cast from The Avengers (Mark Ruffalo and Robert Downie JR) for Zodiac but this crime-thriller is as far from The Avengers as you can get. It WILL have you with your hands over your eyes from start to finish.

3. Break out the Kleenex for this one

Love and Other Drugs isn't for the fainthearted, we guarantee it will leave you a blubbering mess. Stock up on chocolate and grape for this one, you'll need it.

2. Jake's creepiest role to date

So we only saw Night Crawler last week and we have to admit that we're not sure if we can ever look at Jake Gyllenhaal the same way again. It just goes to show, he can pretty much do anything and take on any role.

1. Taking our No.1 spot

Jake Gyllenhaal and the Late Heath Ledger give an awe-inspiring performance in this Western inspired film.The cinematography in Broke Back Mountain is absolutely breathtaking to say the least. Jake really comes out to make the part his own!.

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er...you know where to find the trailer...

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