Our favourite pics found on #LovinDubai in March

Did yours make the cut?

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It started off with the International Boat Show, Dubai Canvas and the Dubai Food Festival. Then came along the International Kite Festival, Taste of Dubai, The Dubai World Cup, Paddy's Day and Easter. 

All in all, March was a very busy month, and to cap it all off, we've rounded up some of your beautiful pictures to showcase what a fine month it was! All found on #LovinDubai, these are our favourites...


Global Village - a melting pot of cultures from around the globe

A photo posted by @chocs_karl on

Not a bad spot for a bit of training at all...


The Burj Khalifa – glorious!

Strolling along Beach Walk

A photo posted by Dubai&I (@dubai.and.i) on

WOW...just wow!

Now, that's a view

A photo posted by Louis Spicer (@louis_spicer96) on

The Sharjah Wanderers kicking to win...

As is this... *breathtaking*

A photo posted by @mishlieno on

Dubai Canvas

A photo posted by Anca (@ancaloveslife) on

...And another one...

A photo posted by Lovin Dubai (@lovindubai) on


Treating ourselves at Taste of Dubai

Just look at that sky...

No matter what, we love the rain in Dubai!


Business Bay...during the day!

A photo posted by Rob Hamblen (@robhamblen) on

One of the most amazing pictures of the Burj Al Arab we've ever seen...

A photo posted by Farah Fenani (@farahwillis) on

A token selfie....right before lift off...

The International Kite Festival

A photo posted by Lovin Dubai (@lovindubai) on

Our very own Phil Seaton..

A photo posted by Lovin Dubai (@lovindubai) on

Al Qudra Cycle Track

The Dubai Metro...

All spruced-up at The Dubai World Cup

The LD boss man crossing the finish line!

Lovin Dubai's contribution to The Dubai Quiz

A photo posted by Lovin Dubai (@lovindubai) on

Dubai Marina... in all its glory!

A photo posted by Dubai&I (@dubai.and.i) on

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