Our end of year social media highlight: Introducing BreadFaceBlog

We wonder if she's tried it with Manakeesh yet?!

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"Bread Face – giving the people something they didn't ask for"

If you haven't been on the BreadFaceBlog Instagram account, do it now. Do it RIGHT now. 

This August, a mystery woman started up the rather bonkers Insta account that shows her basically posting pictures and videos of herself smushing her face into various types of bread (is smushing even a word?). And while all this is going on, she's playing some pretty decent tunes in the background. And not just any type of bread either. She started out with your run-of-the-mill bagel and then escalated on to naan bread and even King's Hawaiian sweet rolls. We wonder if our beloved Manakeesh will get the 'smushing' treatment?

In the 22 weeks since she started the Instagram account she's accumulated 29.5 K followers. Turns out people are really into #BreadFacing...

Here's the first BreadFacing post

Here's the naan bread

King's Hawaiian sweet rolls get their shot in the lime light