People of Dubai – Do you Read Enough?

A new initiative by Sheikh Mohammed for students, has us asking about how much we read

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Appreciating the importance of education in a country's development is a trait that’s respected the world over.

This week we saw Barack Obama support the 14 year old boy who made a clock at home and was arrested when he brought it to school. Inspiring children to learn and acquire new skills should always be encouraged.

Arab Reading Challenge

We were proud to see that the rulers of Dubai have initiated a new challenge this week, called the ‘Arab Reading Challenge’ designed to incentivise more reading. The competition, funded by $3m will see with more than a million students committing to read 50 million extracurricular books during an academic year. A frightening statistic is that the average reading time by an Arab child per annum is six minutes, versus 12,000 minutes in the west (source: Arab Thought Foundation). This is the first of many initiatives to improve reading in the UAE, as Sheikh Mohammed says: ‘Reading opens minds, magnifies hunger for knowledge, and instills the values of openness and moderation that define great civilizations.”

أطلقنا بحمد الله اليوم #تحدي_القراءة_العربي أكبر مبادرة على مستوى الوطن العربي لتشجيع القراءة لدى طلاب المدارس.. #تحدي_القراءة_العربي يستهدف قراءة 50 مليون كتاب كل عام دراسي عبر التزام مليون طالب عربي بقراءة خمسين عنوانا خلال سنتهم الدراسية.. وضعنا نظاما تحفيزيا للطلاب والمشرفين والمدارس والأسر للمشاركة في #تحدي_القراءة_العربي.. تحدي القراءة العربي ستتجاوز مكافآته 3 مليون دولار إجمالا ومكافأة المدرسة الأولى الأكثر مشاركة ستكون مليون دولار.. العالم العربي يمر بأزمة قراءة والأرقام صادمة ونتائج ذلك التأخر المعرفي نراه كل يوم في التأخر الحضاري والفكري لمنطقتنا #تحدي_القراءة_العربي.. Today we launched the Arab Reading Challenge, the largest book-reading initiative for children in the Arab world. The Arab Reading Challenge will inspire one million children each to read 50 books outside the school curriculum in one year.The Arab Reading Challenge will give out more than $3m in rewards to students,their families, teachers. With top school receiving $1m.The Arab world is suffering from a reading crisis whose consequences we see and feel every day in this region.. Reading opens minds, magnifies hunger for knowledge, and instills the values of openness and moderation that define great civilizations..

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Zuckerberg’s Year Of Books


Can You Catch Up With Zucks' Reading List

At the start of the year, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg declared his annual challenge to read more, committing to a new book a week. His latest book is ‘Why Nations Fail’ Daron Acemoğluand James A. Robinson.

You can follow the challenge here, you might have some hibernating to do if you want to keep up with him!

What Are You Reading Next?

We did a whip round the office and asked for book recommendations. Rather than the usual, ‘best book you’d read recently’, or what book are you currently reading, we asked what book would you like to read next. So here are four random book titles to encourage you to pick up a book or kindle this weekend or over the long Eid brea


The Entrepreneur State

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Where’s My F*cking Latte


Laughing All the Way to the Mosque

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