13 Pictures Of Dubai's Skyline That Prove It's The Most Glorious In The World

Simply stunning

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Though Burj Khalifa dominates our skyline, the city has over 900 completed high-rises. They're mostly spread out on Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai Marina and most recently Business Bay. And bet you didn't know that Dubai has around 18 buildings that rise at least 300 metres high – which makes it more than any other city in the world! These pictures are proof we have a stunning skyline indeed. 

1. A beautiful sunset

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2. It looks good even when tilted 

3.  What a view

4. Pretty 

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5. Love the hues

6. Full moon over the skyline

7. The best seats

8. Quite dramatic!

9. Slightly unusual

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10. Picture perfect

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11. Right timing

12. Another great shot

13. Another angle

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