Ramadan 2016 TV Shows: The Good, The Bad And The Really Bad!


The end of Ramadan TV season is almost upon us, which means it is time to reflect on some of the shows/dramas we have seen this year and choose the good, the bad and the really bad out of all of them.

After hours and hours of guiltless binge watching, here are our picks:

1.  Selfie

In its second season, This Saudi satirical show pushed the limits with hot and controversial topics from criticizing sectarianism in KSA to highlighting the bad behavior of GCC tourists in Europe. Selfie managed to attract a wide audience thanks to its talented cast lead by GCC top comedian Nasser Al Qassabi. 


2. Saq Al Bamboo

Despite being adapted from one of the bestselling Kuwaiti novels of all time, Saq Al Bamboo failed to repeat the magic of the award winning novel. The series tells the story of Issa (Wonho Chung) a half Kuwaiti, half Filipino young man who travels to Kuwait to reconnect with his family only to be constantly rejected by his powerful grandmother Ghanima. The delivery of the plot was painfully slow, while the performance of the actors was mediocre at best. Shojoon Al Hajeri seemed to be acting in a kid’s play show, while the Arabic speaking Korean actor Wonho Chung failed in giving the role layered dimensions with his flat performance and nonexistent facial expressions… not counting the single sad/disgusted  expression he successfully managed to keep on his face in every single episode! 

Saq Al Bamboo

3. Snapat

This light Kuwaiti comedy is mostly inspired by the behavior and antics of social media users in GCC. Haya Al Shuaibi, Noura Al Omairi and Lulwa Al Mulla succeeded in capturing the attitude of social media addicts and the way they over-share details of their daily lives on Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook in a hilarious and accurate way. These 3 ladies are undoubtedly ruling the comedy scene on GCC TV this Ramadan! 


4. Jareemat Shaghaf

With an irrational plot, weak performance by almost all actors and never ending scene of actors gazing at the ocean or just a wall, Jareemat Shaghaf deserves a spot in the list of worst dramas on TV in Ramadan 2016. This Syrian/Lebanese/Egyptian drama received huge criticism on social media due to the lack of a solid and consistent storyline and the rather disappointing performance of its main star, Syrian actor Kosai Khauli who seemed like he’s acting for the first time in his life in this show!

Jareemat Shagaf

5. Fok Mostawa El Shobohat 

Egyptian actress Yousra gave us this Ramadan her first full-on villain performance as a mentally disturbed woman who takes pleasure in wrecking the seemingly perfect lives of her neighbours. This Egyptian drama has got to be one of the best this Ramadan thanks to the fast-paced plot, the gripping performance of all actors and the unexpected twists and turns in every new episode. 

Fok Mostawa El Shobohat

6. Ramez Plays with Fire

The huge amount of negative feedback on social media and calls to cancel the show say a lot about people’s reaction towards Ramez Galal’s latest prank show Ramez Plays with Fire. Galal who traps his unsuspecting guests inside a burning room then tells them “this is just a joke” is one of the worst people on TV this year due to his poor choice of words, irresponsible prank ideas and his disrespect towards his guests. There is nothing funny about seeing a celebrity fainting or hysterically screaming out of fear! And for that, this show deserves to be on the list of Really Bad Shows in Ramadan 2016. 

Ramez Plays With Fire

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Lovin Dubai