Razorlight chat to Lovin Dubai ahead of this weekend's Vans Party in the Park...


Remember 2004? Remember the hot sweaty indie clubs and the guaranteed airplay they gave that annoyingly catchy 'Golden Touch' song? Remember the skinny boys in the skinny (often 'risky' white) jeans, otherwise known as Razorlight? They were good days, right? Well, they no longer need to be happy memories, as the band (albeit a slightly different line-up) will be at Dubai Media City Amphitheatre this weekend to perform at the Vans Party In The Park.

Front man and only real original member of the band, Johnny Borrell, was busy. So, we caught up with the rather lovely David 'Skully' Sullivan Kaplan, who replaced the equally lovely Andy Burrows in 2009 as Razorlight's drummer.


Razorlight will be playing at 8.15pm at Party in the Park

Hey Skully! Tell us about the early days

“Yes, it was the best time ever. I was in and out of the band for parts of it. You can’t knock it. It was so exciting. The singles 'In The Morning', 'Before I Fall to Pieces' and 'America' were massive radio hits. It was a whirlwind time for the band. Absolutely awesome.”

What have you been up to in recent years? We've heard that you're working with producers Steve Lillywhite (U2, Rolling Stones, The Killers) and Dave McCracken (Ian Brown, Beyoncé, Alicia Keys)

“Yeah that’s right, we’ve been working on some new stuff. We had a bit of a delay as our lead singer, Johnny, has been working on a solo project. He's got most of that out of his system now, and we should be back to normal next year. We hope to have a new album out by, maybe, autumn of next year. Maybe it’ll be sooner. That’s our goal.”

You guys have played some amazing gigs with some of the biggest acts in the world. Which gig or band was your favourite?

“Wow… dude, that’s a really tough question. We’ve played with some serious bands. We’ve been on tour with U2, The Rolling Stones, and Oasis… too many bands to mention. It’s been a wild ride. I guess the most fun we’ve had on tour would probably have been with The Killers and Kings of Leon. Both really great bands, and serious fun to work with!"

Have you guys played in Dubai before?

“Yes we have actually. We played Dubai in 2012. If I remember correctly it was a very BIG night. We didn’t sleep. We went straight from the gig to a few parties and then to the airport! We were 'Up Alll Night' after the gig at a few epic parties!”

So you didn’t get a chance to experience Dubai for too long, or do any tourist stuff?

“Ha ha. No, not really! Well, we experienced some of the nightlife, put it that way! We had a great time, and the show was really fun. We’re looking forward to getting back, it’s gonna be a lot of fun!”

You’re playing this gig with the Stereophonics, have you played with these guys before?

“Yeah we have, we love the Stereophonics. We headlined the Isle of White Festival with them around 2009. They’re a brilliant band, amazing live, really nice guys too. I’m really looking forward to seeing their show.”

What can we expect from your Dubai show?

“We’re just going to play the classics, the hits, and just have a really good time, it’s gonna be great!”

Will you get a chance to spend a bit of time in Dubai during the trip?

“We will actually, yeah. We fly out on Wednesday and don’t go home until Saturday, so we have a good bit of time to see the place. We’re free all day Thursday and looking for things to do! We’ll check out a few bars, enjoy the nice weather and see what happens.”

See Razorlight support Stereophonics at this year’s Vans Party in the Park on Friday 13th November.


Stereophonics are taking centre stage at 10pm this Friday

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