The Internet’s Reaction To That Dubai Businessman Spending AED 33 Million On A Number Plate Is Hilarious

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Flabbergasted is probably the only word that just about sums up our reaction to the news that an Indian businessman in Dubai spent AED 33 million on a number plate with the number 5 on it. 

Yep, you read that right. AED 33 million. On a number plate. With the number 5 on it. And nope, the number plate has no special powers....but maybe businessman Balwinder Sahani knows something we don't.

You can pay AED 33 million for a number plate...but you can't stop others from making their own

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This was Twitter's reaction...

You might be a bit off with that pricing buddy

We're as shocked as you are

Understatement of the century

The memes have been pretty hilarious too

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The people of Reddit know Lovin Dubai love this sort of stuff...we'll let you know if we need anything else Nick

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And from the man himself...

“I love number plates, it’s my hobby to collect them”

Balwinder Sahani

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