15 Reasons Why It Will Be Way Too Hard To Ever Consider Moving 'Home'

And nope, we're not just going to harp on about the weather

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'Are you really rich now?' 'Can you even drink there?' ... 'Do you need to cover up, like all the time?' These are just some of the stupid questions we have to face whenever we make a trip home. 

Now imagine you actually moved home. That's just the tip of the iceberg; inquisitive bodies have ALL SORTS of irritating questions for you to answer...and that is just ONE of the downsides you would have to face if you ever decide to make the big move home.

Here are fifteen more...

1. None of your mates live at home anymore

Think you're special because you moved abroad? You're not. This is Generation Emigration and the chances you'll be Billy-no-mates if you move home are pretty high. 

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2. You'll have no excuse not to go to family weddings

Being separated by a long-distance flight is usually reason enough not to attend, but once you're home you can say hello to pricey gifts, wasted holiday days and overly-familiar cousins. 


3. You'll have to say goodbye to your fancy car

Cars, petrol, insurance; it's all cheaper than chips here in comparison with other countries. Driving a G wagon now? Yeahhh, we see a souped-up Toyota Corolla in your future.

No This Cant Happen

4. Your Instagram feed will lose all appeal

Entertaining your followers with casual snaps by the world's tallest building or on Insta-fab yacht parties? Chances are, peeps will quickly bore of dreary weather pics with you in your winter woolies.


5. You'll have to work on Fridays

Which means the weekly schedule that you've organised to ensure maximum brunching will need to be reconsidered. 

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6. 'Brunch' won't even be a thing

Brunch at home consists of pancakes, waffles, cereal and juice...BORINGGGGGG. 

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7. You've probably forgotten how to use the public transport system

The rest of the world's transport systems will seem like obscure, unsolvable maps in comparison with Dubai's simple system. (Check out the difference between Dubai and London below.)

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8. Nearly half of your wages will go to the government in taxes

The guys who can't work out a straightforward transport system? Yep, those guys.


9. With half your wages gone, you'll have less money to spend on nice things

That's right the likes of dining out, (which is fairly standard here) will become a monthly treat...and that's only if you can find a decent Early Bird.

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10. People will think your bi-monthly salon trips are indulgent and high maintenance

A mani-pedi, brow tint and the necessary threading is standard procedure here in Dubai...but not where you're going my friend.

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11. You won't be that cool aunt, uncle or cousin who arrives home yearly with extravagant gifts from exotic (read: usually American) stores.

You might have to actually get to know the littlies in your family and the thought of that is slightly repelling. 

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12. Home probably hasn't got the guaranteed* sunshine that Dubai has

We know we said we wouldn't harp on about the weather but we are pretty lucky here. 

*Apart from the odd, super exciting storm (which you might even get a day off work for, so you can hardly complain about THAT).

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13. You'll have to get used to cleaning your own apartment

...and carrying your own groceries, pumping your own petrol, being your own handy-man (the list is endless).


14. Chances are, your accommodation at home won't be a patch on your pad here

Unless you move back in with your parents...(and don't even get us started on that).

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15. And good luck trying to find a place that will deliver you snacks at 3 am

You definitely won't succeed, but your telephone conversation attempting to make an order sounds like viral material to us. 

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So tell us...are you still really considering a move home?

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