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This Story Posted On Reddit About A Horrific Accident Is A Sharp Reminder To Everyone To Take Care

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Often we read about car accidents in the news, but first hand accounts, and the after-effects accidents can have on witnesses are more rare.

A Reddit user posted about a traumatizing experience where they witnessed a deadly accident and the tragic loss of a life.

The purpose of the post is a contemplative one, the author finished by saying ‘it’s really messed up made me contemplate life and how you can instantly move on into another realm even though you are not at fault…’

“If you wana drive like an idiot please make sure no one is in the road you are using.”

The author was walking home when he witnessed the accident. One of the cars burst into flames and though they tried to help, the car eventually imploded before their eyes and a person lost their life in the blaze.

They shared the detailed incident to Reddit, saying “So I had a traumatizing experience and I just couldn’t bottle up….” this story is shocking, but it’s a sharp reminder to us all about how fleeting life can be.

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“All is because a *fool decided he is in the formula one and his car lost control he hit this guy from the back and he survived … they pulled him out of his car and it wasn’t damaged so badly like the other. The one that hit the car from the back was a Lexus and the car that caught fire was a Maxima.”

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Witnessing an accident like this first hand is a traumatic experience

The witness did everything he could

Many share this sentiment

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