Richard Hammond Hosts The ULTIMATE RACE On SZR: Supercar Versus A Nissan Patrol

Those patrol cars are faster than you think...

Ex-Top Gear hosts visited Dubai a couple of months back to film for the Grand Tour and it's safe to say they left their mark.

From pitching a tent and hosting a show beneath the Burj Khalifa, to ramming an army tank through a wall in Dubai Mall, (we kid you not) and even plastering Jeremy Clarkson's face (one of the presenters) across the Burj Khalifa, the now presenters of what is tipped to be Amazon's Prime's biggest show did not hold back during their visit.

We heard rumours of road closures at the time...

There were two races on the day...

This video shows JUST the patrol car versus the supercar

"You don't want to upset the locals"

Hammond assumed the patrol car had no wrong he was. All we know is the Grand Tour had a GREAT time filming in Dubai and we can't wait to see the full show.

And in case you missed it...

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