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10 Best Excuses To Get Out Of Work To Watch The Rugby World Cup

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The Rugby World Cup is back, and all the action has been intense -We’ve had some victories, some upsets and a whole lot of excitement!

However, catching every match means potentially taking a half-day off work or solidifying a legit enough excuse so you can ditch work. But, fear not we’ve got the perfect reasons lined up for you to use, so you can support your team PLUS get a FREE pint of the black stuff!

All you’ve got to do is download this excuse slip, hand into any participating venues and enjoy a FREE pint. GOALS.

Here are the 10 BEST excuses you may (or may not) try to get some cheeky time off work.

1. The ever-reliable ‘family emergency’

Use it wisely.

2. “My AC broke, and I have to let the technician in”

Good enough to save you two hours for a game and gives you time to enjoy a FREE pint of the black stuff.

Head here for more info. 

3. My (insert pet)’s ill, and I have to take her/him to the vet

Cat, dog, hamster… you name it, something is sure to work!

Only use if you do have a pet your colleagues have heard of. LOLs.

4. “My fridge/bed is getting delivered and it was the only time” Honest.

Any appliance will do. Just add it to your excuse slip, go support your team and get a FREE pint.


5. “My car broke down”

I need to have it fixed, immediately.

6. *Fake* cough on the phone

“I’m sick”.

An oldie but a goodie, go get yer medical’s note at any participating venues, you cheeky one, you!

7. Fooooood poisoning!

No further explanation necessary.

8. Legal duties

Ya can’t say no to the law

9. I have to renew my documents

Anotha one!

10. My body doesn’t feel too well

Another classic.

PRINT this excuse slip now and get yourself a FREE pint of the black stuff

As you’re probably aware, most of the matches are happening during working hours in Dubai (tear!), BUT this genius excuse slip, which pleads with your boss, will allow you to leave work early to support your team, watch the match AND gets you a free pint at all participating bars.

Print this ‘excuse slip‘, fill it out and bring it to your *nearest barman to get a free pint.

For more info & participating bars, read on here

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