No Sign Of The Usual Influx Of Celebs Visiting Dubai...Unless You Count Sarah Harding Last Week

Sarah Harding

Usually Dubai is a hotspot for global celebs to come relax, eat some the best food in the world and generally enjoy a good time. During Ramadan, however, there's been a drastic decrease in the number of celebs visiting our sandpit.... that is of course, unless you include Sarah Harding!

The former Girls Aloud star was in Dubai last week enjoying some sun and showing off her enviable bikini bod. 

She has been recovering in recent months after she went from singing about the Jump to actually taking part in 'The Jump' and rupturing a leg ligament in the process. The British TV series was named the most dangerous show on television, with celebrity contestants trying to master various winter sports including skeleton, snowskates and giant slalom. We would have warned her against it but we remembered she doesn't take No Good Advice.

Judging by these pics though, she is back to full physical fitness and has been enjoying the swap from snow to sun on Jumeirah Beach, frolicking in the sea wearing a skimpy bikini and putting on quite The Show.

Sarah Harding 1
Sarah Harding 2

During her holiday with PA Michelle, Sarah kept her fans updated by Snapchatting her adventures from morning to night.

Morning Sarah!

She snapped from the pool...

From her sunbed...

With friends...

With sunflowers...

And from bed...

After staying at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel, they tweeted to say it had been a pleasure having her for the week. It sounds like you're welcome back anytime Sarah, but we suggest perhaps coming back after our Long Hot Summer!

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Claire Peach