These Photos Show That Sheikh Hamdan Is A Master Of Fishing!

This is definitely NOT your average fishing trip

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What is it about Sheikh Hamdan, Crown Prince of Dubai, or Fazza as he is lovingly known, that the public can't get enough of? Our sport mad, poetry writing, adrenaline loving, social media inspiring, future head of state...what's not to love?

We've documented Fazza's snap chats before, but every now and again he does something even more awesome, that we just can't help sharing. Recently, he went on a fishing trip and the pictures were, as per usual, seriously cool. 

Unlike the rest of us who throw a line over the boat and hope for the best, Fazza has to ram the adrenaline factor up a few watts. Here's what happens when Fazza goes fishing...

Before he descends

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Not your average fishing trip

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With the catch of the day!!

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