Six Insta-Kitty Accounts You Need to Follow Right Meow

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While dogs might be considered “man’s best friend,” one thing’s for sure: cats dominate the Internet, hands down. People just can’t seem to get enough of fluffy felines with single posts on kitty-photo aggregator cats_of_instagram garnering up to 284k likes – and that’s just the count so far for one of the photos posted earlier this morning!

There are too many fab photogenic felines out there to count, but here’s a rundown of six of Instagram’s hottest at the moment. You’ll notice that we’ve left out meme-megastars Li’l Bub (iamlilbub) and Grumpy Cat (realgrumpycat) because, well, you’ve probably already come across them before… if you have eyes.

1. Ryotukoro — 220k followers

P-chan, Nya-san and Tina live in cat-crazy Japan. Their owner somehow always manages to capture beautifully composed images of the happy trio, which is mind boggling considering how fickle most felines are about sitting still. Magic.


2. princessmonstertruck – 202k followers

So this cat’s ridiculous under-bite may not be the most attractive trait out there, but Instagram has learned to love this special little girl. Rescued off the mean streets of NYC, PMT’s ‘hoomans’ make it a special point to promote adoption through their account and website.


3. Loki_kitteh – 76k followers

We gave you a cat with a fierce under-bite, so it only stands to reason that we balance things out with an equally fierce erm… over-bite, right? Little Loki’s serious fangs, which make her look perpetually cranky and a little like she could be one of Dracula’s familiars, belie her sweet nature.


4. atchoumfan – 91.4k followers

Atchoum is a young Persian male with a condition called hypertrichosis, which means he has excessive hair growth. We personally don’t think it’s that excessive, because all that extra floof imparts a regal quality to this feline. Like, he could be a dean at Oxbridge or something.


5. pudgethecat – 505k followers

Pudge is a little squishy-faced girl with a moustache, who likes doughnuts and enjoys being tucked in. Her posts have a knack for going viral. In fact, Pudge is so popular that she has some sort of endorsement deal with a popular brand’s healthier cat food range. Sellout.


6. nala_cat – 2.5 followers

Nala is a five-year-old Siamese-Tabby mix with slightly crossed eyes and stubby little legs. We’re not sure whether or not she’s a Munchkin, a breed of cat with short legs – her Instagram account is strangely silent on that count. But it appears that this mix is the key to feline celebrity. With a jaw-dropping following of 2.5 million users, this cute little thing is like the Beyoncé of the cat world.


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