Slip n Slide Fail

Wasn't worth all the splash


It turns out that the highly anticipated Du Live City Slide was a bit of a flop over the Eid break, much to the disappointment of all the excited thrill seekers!

It's been reported that the incline wasn't steep enough thus forcing the ticket holders to run and walk down the slide. There were also complaints that there wasn't enough water and that the water was way too hot.

“This is not really a slide because you are standing and trying to walk”

Gijs Van Brussel

Many of the ticket holders have requested for refunds and have been advised to apply online.

“We thought it would be a family day out with activities for the kids, but we’re leaving and asking for a refund,”

Karla Muchmore

Organisers still plan on making an appearance in Dubai next year and have assured us they'll make improvements.


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