6 photos that should never go on social media

This new Instagram app update could go terribly wrong for some of us...


We've noticed a new sneaky little Instagram update that could either make us or break us. We were busy doing what we do every morning when we first wake up, scrolling one eye open through our Insta newsfeed, when a new option arrived, asking us to upload one of our most recent images (scroll down for pic).

We weren't sure what this was so we had a wee chat with the lovely people over at Instagram and they've confirmed that this new pop-up feature has been rolled out to 90% of Android users and will automatically appear whenever you have five new photos captured since the last time the pop-up feature came up.

It got us talking here in the Lovin office (it doesn't take much to distract us) about whether this new update was such a good idea. Yeah, it will make it easier to just bung a lovely picture on Insta but it will also make it a whole load easier to slip up and accidentally upload a pic of your best friend on the toilet or that photo of you getting physically removed from Zero Gravity at 3am. THE SHAME.

In the interest of public safety, we've rounded up a list of the pictures that should NEVER make it on to social media so you can start deleting them in advance. BE CAREFUL OUT THERE...

1. That iMessage conversation

Everyone has at least 20 conversations on their phone that should NEVER go public. Awks.


2. The post-workout 'feeling fab' selfie

We've all taken them because we all look ten times better post gym than pre gym. FACT.


3. Evidence of your Insta-stalking

Screenshot your latest stalk-ee? Oh the shame...


4. Your new squeeze's naughty bits

Whether it was for medical purposes or not, you might have a picture of someone's 'junk' on your mobile. One thing is for sure though, this should never see the light of day and needs to be deleted, deleted, DELETED!


Ok so we couldn't put up someone's ACTUAL junk so this will just have to do...

5. The bum selfie

Ever taken a picture of your bum because you're convinced you've sat on chocolate?


The inappropriate pet picture

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. On way too many levels.


photo credit: www.bitsandpieces.us

6. All the selfies taken before the RIGHT selfie

We all take each selfie at least 50 times before we find the right one. Upload the wrong one? Morto.


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