13 Stupid Questions You Get Asked By People Who Don't Live In Dubai

'There is no such thing as a stupid question' - We'd have to disagree.

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The level of ignorance that surrounds the Middle East (and the questions we get asked) are sometimes mind-boggling, and generally based on...what? A stupid, misguided post on Facebook? Or a flippant comment from a guy that passed through the airport once or twice?

And so, because it's fun to vent, we've decided to list our favourite 'stupid questions' we've ever been asked about Dubai - and we've even included some part-factual, part-attempting-to-be-witty answers too. Ever been asked a silly question before? Vent them out in the comments section, you never know, venting here might prevent you punching the next stupid-question-asker in the face.

1. Is everyone really rich?

(An obvious one to start.) Yes, we all drive around in Lambos and Bentleys...but I continue my job in sales for the love of conversation. 

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2. Do you not get sick of getting sand everywhere?

What, like from the beach?

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3. Do you need to keep yourself completely covered at all times?

That's totally up to you. (But we do like to keep things classy around here).

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4. Are supercars really that common?

Yep, they're very common, but unfortunately we don't drive one. (This follows on with similar pattern of questions; does everyone have a pet lion? And are the pavements really made of gold??)

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5. Is it tough living in Dubai not being able to speak Arabic?

It's a pretty bilingual country actually...or super multi-lingual if you take into account all nationalities and languages spoken. 

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6. Are women allowed to drive there?

Well we're not in Saudi so...

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7. What's the capital of Dubai?

....In which you must proceed to explain that Dubai is not a country, but one of seven Emirates which make up the United Arab Emirates...of which Abu Dhabi is the capital. 

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8. Are the beaches just filled with celebs making the most of the winter sun?

We suppose that depends what you would define as a celebrity.

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9. Is it actually possible to live in 50 degree heat?

We're living proof dude. 

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10. But seriously, is summer in Dubai not horrific?

Imagine the feeling when you open an oven door and the blast of heat that hits you in the face. It's very hot. End of. 

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11. How many floors are in the Burj Khalifa?

Erm, do I look like a tour guide? Google it. 

**Here are Lovin Dubai, we pride ourselves as being tour guides of sorts, so the answer to that one is 163 floors. Welks

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12. Does it not get boring because you can't drink there?

Oh, you have SO MUCH to learn my friend.


13. Can you fry an egg on the pavement in summer?

Ermmmm that's a good question actually...(and it sounds like a brilliant Lovin procrastination project come summer!)


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