The 10 Kinds Of Travellers You See At Dubai Airport

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According to Wikipedia, people-watching is the act of observing people and their interactions, usually without their knowledge.

While that most often comes across as plain creepy, we must admit the best place to indulge in the activity is at the airport.

And with travel season upon us, here are some observations on the kind of travellers you see most often. 

1. The oh-so-in-love traveller

Generally on their honeymoon or a special vacay together, these couples make you believe being single is a crime. They walk hand-in-hand through the terminal and rarely take their eyes off each other.


2. The amazed traveller

AKA tourists, they will stop anywhere, anytime to take a picture. Guess for some the excitement of travelling is too much to handle.


3. The pretty serious traveller

This dude is on a business trip and isn't amused about anything going on around him. All he cares about is getting on the flight and reaching his next meeting destination.


4. The exhausted traveller

While you might think this would be the transit sort of passenger, the exhausted travellers are most often parents. Think a mother or father handling a pretty active little one.


5. The scared traveller

Think those tiny little kids making their trips without their parents. C'mon at that age who wouldn't be scared when all you have to do is follow the instructions of a random lady (airport staff / crew).


6. The noisy traveller

Father, mother, child, pet (okay we're exaggerating). But it's a large group of people (hint hint: families).


7. The confused traveller

This individual has no particular characteristic traits. But you recognise them from the way they stop in the middle of anywhere (most often blocking the travelator or the last step of the escalator).


8. The nervous traveller

The poor individual who has to get on that flight irrespective of how much he / she fears or hates flying. Our sincere sympathies to them! 


9. The impatient traveller 

The jet set lot! Because they're on a plane so very often they expect everyone else to be well-versed with travel too. 

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10. The happy traveller

Those out to have a good time no matter what! (It could even mean their colleagues slogging away in their absence.)

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