Residents Are Flocking To Leave Negative Reviews For This Tecom Hotel

Don't mess with The Greens

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The Greens is a leafy green neighbourhood, but currently part of the community is up in arms.

A resident noticed a nearby Tecom Hotel is emitting glaring lights, the following video was posted to The Greens Facebook page and the comments prove the lights are affecting sleep of residents in the neighbourhood (the video doesn't show the full extent of the intense lights).

So much so, in fact that people are jumping onto the hotels' Google review page and telling them exactly what they think...

Here's the light visible to Green residents and surrounding areas

"It was 1 light last week which was pretty irritating, now they have added 2 more which has increased the amount of light being emitted, the whole of street 5 lights up from it"

People are so unimpressed they're leaving one-star Google reviews

"You won't get a good night sleep anywhere near this neighbourhood"

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The lights are affecting people's sleep in the nearby Greens

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Residents are calling the lights to be removed

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And labelling them a 'complete nuisance'

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Residents have contacted Emaar and Tecom authorities and are awaiting a response.

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