This Might Just Be The Purrfect Place To Celebrate International Cat Day In Dubai


Today is International Cat Day. Meow (okay excuse me for that).

If you don't have a cat but love the furry creatures then Ailuromania Café is the place to be!

The 'cat café' opened by Saudi-born sisters Iman and Allaa Ahmed Al Aulaqi last year is a spot that allows you to play with the furry felines while sipping on coffee (and other beverages).

Their team consists of 19 adorable cats. Their names are Fifi, Rayan, Lily, Moe, Reem, Leo, Yoda, Mocha, Alaska, Snow, Smokey, Mylo, Cappuccino, Tigger, Lulu, Emo, Arwa, Bella, Mooni and Kenda.

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