This Dubai Blogger Shows You THE Spots To Eat At This Eid

For times you're seeking fuss-free options


We're always updating you on what's hot and what's not when it comes to food in this city. Now that we (possibly) have a very long weekend ahead of us because of Eid, we've decided to change things around. 

This time it won't be us but a guest blogger who will be suggesting things. Confused? 

We've asked Noreen Wasti to take over the keyboard for this one.

As creator of noni’s place, an inspired food and lifestyle website, Noreen will pretty much help you eat your way through Eid this year. Hear her out! 

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We're always ready for a meal and what better excuse than a four-day Eid holiday weekend to indulge in some delicious ones across the city. Long weekends are all about chilling, chilling and more chilling, so I’m ditching the fine dining and heading to my favorite casual joints and hidden gems. 


Falafel Farm, Churchill Tower, Business Bay

I’m pretty indecisive. So if I can get a little bit of everything in one meal, I’m happy. That’s why I love the farmer’s breakfast tray at Falafel Farm. Served on an old school cafeteria-style tray with boiled egg stuffed falafel, foul, hummus, labneh, grilled halloumi, salad and warm pita, it’s seriously the breakfast of dreams. With a cold laban to sip alongside, it’s hands down the BEST way to start my morning.

For more info: call 04 554 6195

Mid-morning snack:

Be Super Natural Kitchen at Galeries Lafayette, The Dubai Mall 

By mid-morning the hunger pangs usually start to kick in and while I don’t want to spoil my lunch I need something to hold me down. This raw and vegan café located in Galeries Lafayette has an amazing cacao probiotic nut mylk. It’s basically like a healthy chocolate shake made with almond milk, dates, banana vanilla and raw cacao powder. Just delicious!

For more info: call 04 339 9933


La Taqueria, Opal Tower, Business Bay 

I’m a sucker for authentic Mexican food, not that Tex-Mex stuff; I mean the REAL GOOD stuff. When that craving hits, you can find me at the newly opened La Taqueria. This place is the real deal with an entirely Mexican staff and kitchen crew, bright airy interiors, bumping Mexican beats on play, and delicious food to back it all up. I order the fish ceviche and asada tacos. Copious amounts of tortilla chips, spicy salsa and guacamole are not optional.

For more info: call 056 137 3268

Post-lunch coffee:

Brew Café, Jumeriah Beach Road

Before the post lunch food coma can kick in, I make sure to head to a coffee shop for my favorite type of pick-me- up: a latte. If you’re looking for me I’ll be in the corner at Brew Café with a latte in hand. They are constantly changing up their beans from roasteries all over the world. The Ethiopian beans by Man Versus Machine are my favorite. Try it!

For more info: call 04 331 2333


Hanoi Naturally, Cluster C, JLT

The classic Vietnamese soup pho is my ultimate comfort food and I get my fix at Hanoi Naturally. It’s truly a meal on its own with that labor of love broth, rice noodles, rare beef slices, and secret blend of herbs and spices. Slurping away on a huge bowl of pho is literally the perfect way to end the holiday weekend.

For more info: call 04 431 3099

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