The Wall Street Journal Has Shown How Dubai Has Become A Global Player

Further proof that Dubai is one of the world's greatest cities

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We've all seen the incredible transformation Dubai has undertaken over the past number of years (see the stunning pictures here). Since 1971 when the flat, desert landscape didn't hold a single high-rise to now, when the city boasts the world's tallest building and is in the process of building a 'new' tallest tower

And while we are aware of Dubai's incredible feats; the city is now being recognised internationally as a global player. The Wall Street Journal listed Dubai's over-the-top projects as one of the main reasons why tourism here has grown steadily, while another recent Forbes article listing, '9 reasons why Dubai could be the most important city of the 21st century' recognised Dubai as an economically-diversified, cultural hotspot.

"Great cities at some point in their history deliberately create themselves — that’s what Dubai seems to be doing today".

'Nine Reasons Dubai Could Be The Most Important City Of The 21st Century' - Forbes (March, 2016)

'How Dubai Went From Desert Village to Global Player'

The Wall Street Journal, 24th April 2016

Dynamic leaders with a vision for greatness, a 'serious effort to modernize' and 'bravery' coupled with 'strategic planning' have lead to Dubai making a splash among other big cities. The Wall Street article goes on to discuss how the global financial crisis (which lead to the shelving of a couple of impressive projects) has not discouraged business here, with many projects being resumed and new projects also being rolled out regularly (the 7 star airport, the Tower at Dubai Creek Harbour, and Dubai Opera to name a few).

Here's a look at some plans that were shelved during the global financial crisis, but are now beginning to come to life again...

The World Islands

Plans to build these sprawling islands, created to look like a replica of the world, started in 2003, and by 2006 70% of the project was sold. However in 2009, mid-global financial crisis, investors pulled out and construction stopped. 

Since then, projects has taken off on a small scale (the island representing Lebanon boasts beach clubs, bars and restaurants) but until recently the islands remained stagnant. Kleindienst; a real estate and property developer company now plan to unveil their dream, 'The Heart of Europe' by 2020. A multitude of islands owned by the company will allow you to breakfast in France, lunch in Germany and dinner in Italy...Sounds ideal to us!

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Mall Of The World

This was arguable the most ambitious project ever proposed here (and that's saying a LOT). Announced in 2014, this enormous indoor  project was expected to boast 100 hotels, an indoor theme park, and even climate-controlled streets. While initial plans have since been scaled back, the first phase of the plan is expected to cost in the region of $8 billion and should be completed by 2017. 

Mallofthe Worldoutside

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