Incredible 1762 Deli Now Has Joined The Food Truck Craze And It Comes To You

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We all, at some point of our working life, have stood in queue to get our Hoisin duck wrap or chicken and halloumi toastie at lunch from 1762. Not that we’re complaining, because its food is tasty and fresh. But now we have reason to love it even more. Hello Monty!

Monty, nicknamed after the Earl of Sandwich John Montague, is a beautiful 1966 London Route Master bus that has been restored to create 1762 Smoked.

The bus is fitted with a Meadow Creek Smoker (yes, that fabulous equipment to give food a charred taste) to dish out menu items such as smokey char-grilled corn with jalapeno lime butter, slow-cooked Asian beef ribs with truffle mash, falafel crusted calamari and sweet treats including churro s’mores.

1762 Chargrilled Corn1
1762 Smoked Ribs1

Now the best part…

You don’t go to the bus, the bus comes to you. Thumbs up from us! It can be used for wedding catering, corporate gatherings and sports events. And if you don’t have an occasion to celebrate, it doesn’t matter. Ring your mates and invite them over for a meal that will be taken care of courtesy Monty.

Did you know?

In 1762 the Fourth Earl of Sandwich, John Montague ordered for a rare roast beef to be inserted between two slices of bread during his marathon card games. Nobody knows whether this was a move to hide his cards, prevent them from getting greasy or simply to avoid getting up for a meal, but the one thing everyone knows is that the snack went down extremely well with his peers who were ordering the same. And thus the birth of the sandwich in 1762.

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