10 Celebrities and their animal doppelgängers

The similarities are un-catty

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We know celebs get a hard time now and again but they're pretty much living the dream the rest of the time, right? Ok, now we're feeling guilt-free, here's some pictures of celebs that DEFINITELY look like animals...

10. Miley Cyrus

The teeth, that jawline and especially those squinty eyes... we're looking a gift horse in the mouth.


9. Beyonce

It's not just a ferocious mane these two have in common, they're also both known to have one almighty roar. Call the lion the king of the jungle, call Bey the queen of... well, everything.


8. Justin Timberlake

In his early days as a pop icon, Justin and his sheep-like shaggy tresses might have been more comfortable on a farm than in front of hundreds of idolising fans. Luckily for JT, he has outgrown the perm or can afford a better hairdresser.


7. Rihanna

This sheep, hailing from high in the Scottish hills has one claim to fame, and that's sharing a hair stylist with Ri-Ri. But the big question is: ewe wore it better?

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6. Snoop Dog

The name didn't just come from nowhere


5. Nicole Richie

From one Terrier to another. It's hard to say who's cuter, this Yorkshire Terrier or Nicole Richie in her heyday.


4. Sofia Vergara

Sisters? No, one's Sofia Vergara and the other is a hyena...not a weird 'Modern Family'.


3. Samuel L. Jackson

Being separated at birth and growing up apart must have been difficult for these two... (and nope, we're definitely not saying that just because of the hat).


2. Bryan Cranston

Breaking Bad's Bryan looks freakishly similar to this monkey...maybe it was cloned in a science lab?


1. Gordon Ramsay

We can't help but applaud Gordon Ramsay for building a huge empire on the grounds of being a moody git. Shame all the frowning has left his face looking like that of an English bulldog.


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