They printed WHAT on a Nutella jar?!

Only a pure chancer would get away with this

Bumgravy Nutella Jar

Letting people customize Nutella jars? You could nearly see this one coming.

Irish writer and all-round chancer Seamas O'Reilly (of little known Metro crush-writing fame) noticed that Selfridges, a popular department store in the UK, was printing personalised Nutella jars in the lead-up to Christmas, and he immediately saw his opportunity for devilment.

His only obstacle in labelling Nutella jars with rude words that resemble terms for excrement was a small staff at the Selfridges store. He tried his luck with this first one and we can't believe he got away with it.

He had a small bit of trouble with the next one... luckily, with a bit of Irish luck he persevered 

The following is a conversation he had with one of the staff there

Guy: Arsemuck?
Me: It's the Irish for Arsenio
Guy: Right, right. I know it. 
Me: Ha, do you get a lot of rude ones?
Guy: All the time, sir. 
Me: What's the rudest one you've had?
(Guy thinks for literally 15 seconds)
Guy: Probably fatpussy sir.
Me: You can't be too careful. Bye!

Having dodged the lax Selfridges security team twice; he was clearly on a roll

His collection stands at three

On whether or not he will continue attempting to print rude words on personalised Nutella jars..

"It's kind of hard to come up with more that explicitly imply that there's poo in the jar," O'Reilly said.

We think we could come up with a few more, what would you print on yours? Answers in the comments.

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