8 Things We've All Been Guilty Of At Some Point In A Taxi

You will relate to most of them, if not all

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Mention the word 'taxi' in a group setting and we know the discussion that will follow. You will have someone saying they got a reckless driver, another telling you it was the worst experience of their life and perhaps one even calling RTA to report a cabbie that didn't stop for them. While those stories might be true, there's the other side too. The part where taxi drivers have to deal with not-so-pleasant passengers. Note: it's absolutely understandable if you're experiencing some sort of guilt reading this. We've been there and this is what we believe doesn't go down too well in public transport. 

1. Giving a big note for a small amount

Yes! We ALL have done this. And nothing stops us from repeatedly doing it. Perhaps it's time we break the piggy bank.


2. Arguing over the best route

He / she drives for a living, so let's just believe they know where they're going. Unless they tell you they're new to the city and don't know the roads, then that's another story.


3. Getting sick

Partying is hard work! And it's probably harder when it's taken a toll on your digestive system. If you feel miserable, it is best to ask the driver to pull over. A nicer option though would be to go easy through the night and not over estimate your capacity.


4. Haggling with the driver

There's a taximeter installed for a reason. And it does a decent job of calculating fares. Save your skills for Dragon Mart instead.


5. Snoring

Who doesn't love long drives? But this isn't your bed though. Hold the snoring till when you get home.


6. Constantly asking for the music to be changed

The bigger the group, the more likely this is to happen. Each person wants to hear a different station and the poor driver is left wondering whether to focus on the road or his passengers' song requests.


7. Singing loudly

A "night out" has us all believing we're karaoke stars. Unfortunately that isn't the case. Bathroom singers sound best in their bathrooms.


8. Not having the cash

You know the 'stop by the ATM please' kind of drama. Maybe we need to start carrying cash and stop depending on the card.


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