13 Things You'll Know If You've Ever Worked As Cabin Crew In The UAE

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While working crew ain't easy (because dealing with little kids, adults who act like kids and some seriously suspect levels of human hygiene never is) and it's certainly not your typical 9 - 5, the perks of the job are second to none and you've probably seen more of the world than the rest of us could ever hope to imagine.

So despite the severe jet-lag and the cons of living out of a suitcase, it's safe to say cabin crew have it pretty great. And with thousands of you working right here in the UAE (when you're not travelling the globe) we've made a little list of things you'll only know if you're ever worked crew. Have any to add? Let us know in the comments

1. You've developed the fine art of minuscule packing

(And you can pack in a military fashion at a superhero pace when necessary)


2. Your top-knot game is ON FLEEK

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3. Your Instagram is game is strong...

With captions like 'Sundowners at the W,' and 'It's an infinity pool kind of day,' you've got followers coming out of your ears

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4. ...But you hate missing out on all the things that go on at 'home'

Birthdays, christenings, weddings....the pain is real

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5. You know that the only way to deal with difficult passengers is by exercising extreme patience


6. You're constantly tired when you arrive at your fabulous layover destinations

Hong Kong or KL? The reality is, you're suffering from jet-lag, and you've got the curtains pulled shut for most of the day while you're trying to get some decent shut-eye. 

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7. The smell of vomit or feet doesn't faze you

You've seen seriously questionable levels of hygiene

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8. Your health and fitness routine is basically non-existent

HOW could you consider a workout when your body clock is all over the shop

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9. You know you can't take a day off unless you're 'literally' dying

No other excuse is accepted

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10. You're used to working with new people every day

Different routes, different crew. It's tough trying to make new friends all the time!

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11. You can keep your cool in all sorts of bad turbulence


12. You can apply MUA worthy makeup in a matter of minutes


13. You get discounts everywhere you go (in the UAE)

Salon appointments, beach bars, hotels, you name it. The discounts come in handy on those few precious days you actually have free. 


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Casey Fitzgerald

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