This Is Hands Down The Best Way To Get In Shape In Dubai In 2017

You've got to start somewhere

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Love it or loathe it, 2017 is upon us and those lofty resolutions we agreed to over a couple of glasses of vino are beginning to rear their ugly head.

And it seems to us, we've all got two options: a) Do nothing or b) Take the right steps towards getting fit. As cliched as it sounds, (and yes mum, you were right) 'a healthier you is a happier you' and we reckon the New Year is the best time to start:

FitRepublik is offering group fitness classes to help you get in shape

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Why group personal training is the best way to start

Cheaper (and more fun) than a personal trainer, group training is a great way to meet new people as well as a great way to shape up. Small groups mean you'll still get the best possible coaching and the people in your group will be an extra motivational aid.

What these lessons will concentrate on:

These groups training will do complete body workout and will include cardio, strength, hypertrophy, core strength and interval training.

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Pick either a four, eight or twelve week program...

Fitness should be about long term goals. Easy fixes don't come into it. Maybe if you're a beginner try four weeks and see how you like it. If you're into fitness, go harder and set yourself some fitness challenges and goals.

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The more classes you do, the cheaper it will be

There are 23 sessions in the package; You choose to complete them over four, eight or twelve weeks

So the total works out at:

Four weeks =Each session costs 100AED per person, 2300AED total (5/6 sessions per week)

Eight weeks = Each session costs 150 AED, 3450 AED total (3 sessions per week)

Twelve weeks = Each session costs 200 AED, 4600 AED total (2 sessions per week)

What you need to know:

FitRepublik is a fitness centre out in Sports City with a massive range of facilities, so there are activites to suit all ages, sizes and fitness abilities! Everything from CrossFit and Yoga to mixed martial arts (MMA), gymnastics and swimming. Check out their Instagram page here

How you can sign up:

Call 04 556 1800 or email for more information

There's a whole load of other options available at the gym too...

Olympic standard lifting...

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Swing yoga

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And there's even a wellness crew!

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