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This Story Of One Man And His Dog Is The Most Heartbreaking Thing You’ll Hear All Week

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It’s been a harrowing ordeal for dog owner, Sean de la Harpe-Parker. Sean bravely took on the role of making a five-month-old puppy final days comfortable and got a surprise neither of them expected. The two fell in love. Now, in a desperate attempt to save his life and hold onto his best friend Archie, Sean is sparing no expense. Archie has a rare heart condition, which his first vet deemed terminal. However, Sean did not give up hope and took him to see another vet who suggested be examined and treated by a cardiologist.

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“The only place that he can have the surgery is at Queen Mother Hospital for Small Animals in Hertfordshire, England, which has performed open-heart surgery on a few dogs and has been successful,” says Sean

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“There are no veterinary cardiologists in the UAE so we managed to get him looked at by a regular cardiologist in Dubai,” says Sean. “The doctor said if Archie were a little boy, it would be easy to fix but open-heart surgery for a dog in the UAE was not possible.”

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