25 Very Honest Thoughts That Go Through Your Head On Christmas Day

Such as: "One more chocolate won't hurt"

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It's finally the big day...here's what will be going on in your head from the minute your eyes open. Have a good one...

8:21am - There is no need for me to be up this early

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8:23am - Oohhhh wait it's Christmas Day...presents!

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8:24am - Nope, don't care. This is my only lie-in this week

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8:32am - Imagine if Santa existed...I wonder how big his petrol bill would be?


8:51am - Ooohh what's that smell?

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8:53am - A FRY UP! Definitely worth getting out of bed for

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9:10am - Noooooo, I still have presents to wrap

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9:32am - Why does my pile of pressies look smaller than everyone else's?

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9:46am - Cheers for the bedsheets mum and dad; forgot I had 'middle-aged' stamped across my forehead

Never Been Kissed Loser F

10:14am - Oohhh, are those Quality Streets? Right, I'll just have the one


11:16am - Why do people insist on putting their sweet wrappers back inside the box?

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12:02pm - Surely I haven't eaten that many chocolates already?

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12:43pm - Is there any point showering if I'm not planning on leaving the house today?

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1:30pm - Pretty sure this will be my fifth time watching Love Actually (this Christmas)


2.12pm - Why are ITV not playing the Downton finale until 8:45 this eve?...Grinches

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2.14pm - Is it too early for a drink?

Of Course Not

4:02pm - I probably shouldn't eat this mince pie after all those chocolates

4:08pm - YUM

*Note to self: exercise more self-control next year

Tobey Maguire Trollface Troll

5:03pm - Great, someone's gone and brought the cheap Christmas crackers again

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5:15pm - I wonder what Christmas abroad with my mates would have been like


5:38pm - I will definitely start making a weekly roast dinner from now on

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6.03pm - "Who hides in the bakery at Christmas? A mince spy!" HAHAHAHAHAHAH

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6:28pm - Damn, forgot to Snapchat a pic of my dinner

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8.18pm - Someone should probably help out with the dishes

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8.52pm - Only another 365 days until I get to do this all over again


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