Tinder vs Happn: Which App Rules Dubai?

We put both apps head-to-head to find out which people use most.

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Tinder is 'the fun way to connect with new and interesting people around you,' while Happn helps you 'find the people you've crossed paths with'.

However you describe it, these two apps are arguably the best way to meet people and make friends in this tech-y era. But which app are you using and why? We've listed the pros and cons for each app...and then we're taking an (anonymous!) poll to find out which app is really more popular. (Basically so we can figure out which one has more dating potential).

Let's Start With Happn...

1. You don't swipe through pics, you scroll

This is a major advantage. First off, you don't accidentally swipe away your potential life partner and secondly; well...swiping gets a bit tiring if you do too much of it...Or is that just us?

2. Then you have the whole 'like' or 'charm' dilemma

It's kinda confusing at first; there's a love heart next to a wand and you need to figure out just how much you want this person to know that you fancy them. Heart means you like them a little, wand means you like them a lot. Anyone feel like we're six again?

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3. Happn happens to be available on both du and Etisalat 

du has blocked Tinder which means your pool of potentials is halved before you've even started...and we don't like those odds. Luckily Happn is still available on both providers...yipee!

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4. There's a 'store' on Happn which lets you buy credits, so you can send even more charms

We haven't quite gotten to grips with this yet, but purchasing extra charms kind of reek of desperation, doesn't it? 

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5. Happn's 'locations' are eerily exact

'You've passed each other six times' ... 'You are 250m away'. Sometimes it's creepy to know EXACTLY how close you are.

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6. Happn is relatively new; so you won't find everyone you've ever come across in Dubai on it...yet.

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And What's Tinder Like?

7. Once you 'swipe left,' that profile is gone forever

It's Saturday night, you're bored, depressed that the weekend's over and you're over-exerting your thumb in a mad swiping-frenzy. Hang on, did you just swipe a hottie? Shame you'll never know...Unless you pay for the update that is...

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8. EVERYONE is on Tinder

Neighbours, colleagues, your doctor, your friend's boyfriend (that's an awkward one) the guy from the gym...and there's nothing more awkward than accidentally bumping into a Tinder match in real life.

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9. Can you really show-off your best self in just six pictures?

Apart from a small bio, pictures are the only way people can get to know you. Can someone get a good grasp of your personality in just six pics? (Happn lets you show nine.) 

 A recent study by the boss at Tinder showed people receive more 'likes' when your pics show-off your interests. So yes, people do want to see that one of you skiing in the alps (you like the outdoors) or hanging with a group of friends (proves that you've got some). So model-y poses and awkward bathroom selfies should be off the cards...Just FYI. 

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The Verdict

Both apps are essentially the same but after going through the pros and cons, it seems Happn has come out on top.

Happn is like the shiny new toy that everybody wants to play with; we've all tried Tinder, we're all still single, maybe Happn has got something more to offer. Anyway let us know in the poll which app you're using most...because who are you kidding, we know you're on both.


Written By

Casey Fitzgerald

Outside of writing for Lovin Dubai, you'll find Casey inhaling hummus, making a constant stream of terrible puns and running around in circles.