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The Best Places To Eat In Dubai Have Been Listed On Twitter And The Debate Is ON

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Ever sat up in the middle of the night because of sudden midnight cravings?

Well Twitter user, Shayan Shakeel must have experienced exactly that because he called on the Twitterverse to share specifics of the best dishes from restaurants that they have ever eaten in Dubai.

He had tweeted out on Saturday 1am asking:

Shakeel calls on Dubai to share the best thing they have ever eaten and foodies were more than happy to help out

Foodies know best…

Dubaians responded to the question and had suggested a never ending variety of eateries from dessert parlours to chai and biryani spots and even suggested must visit budgeted yet A-grade dining options.

Suggestions also included great chill spots that are extremely pocket friendly.

Rajju Omlet seems like a popular favourite

Foodies had provided with a buffet of options

For those who suggested best Chai places… we are forever indebted

Did someone say Mandi??

Drooling here!! Akiba Dori we are coming for you

Doesn’t everyone love a good Zinger

Life hack to getting FREE food in Dubai

No Twitter thread is ever complete without that one pun that validates you spending a solid amount of your time reading each and every single comment.

Well this guy just killed us with a little inside 411 on how to land ourselves FREE food here in Dubai.

Well this is why we have been paying for our food so far

This is how we know DXB is home to all sorts of sweeeet eat-out spots

Who feels like eating at home when there are many options to choose from out there and the Twitterverse has just proved that.

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