The 11 Types Of Brides You Probably Came Across Last Sunday


BRIDES! The wedding summit was on last Sunday and we're pretty sure you ran into some of these fellow brides!

Now we don't want to stereotype (when really that's exactly what we're going to do) but brides tend to get a little antsy in the lead up to the big day, so it's good to be aware of who you might run into at the next Bridal Show in the new year- just for future reference!

See below for the most common types of bride that can be found lurking around these events. Beware!

1. The bridezilla

The bridezilla is found at wedding events the world over, shoving people out of the way so she doesn't miss out on the latest in macaroon arrangements. She is not here to make friends and she WILL trample on you to get what she wants. Beware of the bridezilla.

carrie 1

2. The control freak

This girl may as well not have a fiance. HE DOES NOT exist in the six months preceding the big day. Actually, nobody exists but her.


3. The one who's mother law has taken over

This bride doesn't even want to be here but she's being dragged along by her mother-in-law to be. Good luck keeping that fake smile up for the rest of your life girlie.

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4. The boho bride

If it's not rustic or made of bunting then it's not happening for this bride. You'll find this bride in the outdoors section, wondering how much 'actual sand' she can import into the Ritz.


5. The one who's testing out her tan and hairstyle

Keep to the salon on salon days love.


6. The one who's groom is in charge

The groom wears the trousers here. You'll find this couple at the 'delightful destination' honeymoon section where he's trying to coincide the honey moon with the next world cup.


7. The one with 15 bridesmaids

You can only imagine how excited they all are to wear the 'one size fits all dress' the bride has picked out.


8. The one who needs a chill pill

You're at a hair and beauty seminar and this ones hand is flying up and down like a yo-yo, barely stopping for breadth inbetween. She's like the mature student of the bride show...are we right?!


9. The one who doesn't eat anything

This girl has been on three green smoothies a day for the last month and she'll wear your ear off talking about the latest and quirkiest exercise fads...aerial yoga or insanity anyone? Some one needs to get this girl a burger!


10. The perfect one

Oh you know the type. Everything has been booked months in advance and her dress already fits...We won't judge if you practice your bouquet throwing skills in her direction.


11. The one who's there to get a good deal

Weddings aren't cheap and this bride is not going to miss out on a deal if it kills her...Find her furiously scribbling down her details at various competition stands throughout the event.

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The Dubai Bride Show starts today at the Dubai International Exhibition Center. Check their site for more info.

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