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The 9 types of people you’ll see at the Dubai World Cup

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We’re all gearing up for the Dubai World Cup; it’s Dubai’s biggest race meet, the most expensive race in the world AND it also happens to be the biggest social event of the year. At Meydan Racecourse this Saturday, you’ll find Dubai’s most glamorous party crowd, combined with racing enthusiasts and of course, the mega-wealthy…we can’t wait!

The event features nine high-class races including the world’s richest horse race worth $10m, (just shy of AED 37,000,000…eek!) and every year one big star performs – it’s already HUGE news that Janet Jackson is set to take to the stage.

Anyway, because it’s fun to generalise, we’ve gone and listed the types of people you can expect to see at the races…so grab your fascinators and join us for some Grade A people watching. 

1. The party crowd…

They’ve heard the World Cup is great fun but they couldn’t give a monkey’s about the horses; anyway they’re probably on a rollover after a messy weekend. You’ll find these guys propping up the Barasti stand (spending a ridiculous amount of money on booze) and jeering at the big screens every now and again for no apparent reason.

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2. The B-list celebs… 

You’ll find plenty of this lot lurking about – the footballers will be swigging pints/hanging at the Moët stand while pretending they know something about horse racing, while the ‘tv presenter’ ‘model’ ‘pop star’ types will be attempting to angle their way into any press pics. Catch these guys at the First Class Lounge where tickets (if you’re lucky enough to get one) go for AED 3,750…(although some of these people will have spent the whole year since the last World Cup trying to blag a ticket) and of course they’ll be at all the exclusive after-parties (Movida anyone?).

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3. The racing enthusiasts…

Race cards in hand, these guys will be studying the form from the moment they arrive; they may have a lot riding (sorry!) on each race so this is serious business. Expect less of the high-spirits and more of the serious ‘making notes’ vibes going on around this lot. 


4. The ones in the extremely exclusive enclosures…

The royals will be there, when they’re not congratulating jockeys in the Winner’s Enclosure (look out for them). This is the place to get your blag on for ..the A-list will be in here.


5. The ones who are there to win best dressed…

As much prep work goes into some outfits as into training the racehorses – seriously. Competitors for the Jaguar Style Stakes will stand out for their over-the-top and fantastical (is that even a word?) outfits…and who can blame them? With prizes ranging from a Jaguar F-Type to watches from Longines, cash prizes and lots more; we’re definitely busting out our Phil Treacy’s for the occasion.

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6. The ones who are only there for the concert

Another group who couldn’t give a monkey’s about the races…these guys plan to arrive a couple of races late just to have a couple of drinks before Ms. Jackson makes her entrance. However everything changes once they arrive as they quickly realise what an unreal night it is. 


7. The ones there on a freebie corporate pass

The ‘corporates’ are there to flash some cash, impress clients and have a good ‘aul time in one fell swoop. And with ticket prices between AED 1,500 and AED 3,250 (for The Gallery or The Terrace) you’re one lucky duck if corporate is paying your way…so take advantage (and pass any drinks freebies out to the rest of us poor sods).


8. The ones with the free drinks vouchers

If you’ve been to the races before, you’ve definitely noticed this. What’s with every Tom, Dick and Harry (after being handed free drinks tokens) being allowed to take a drink just because the races are on? I don’t know about you but I come from Ireland and I applaud this ‘measure’.

M Vz Num Q

9. The ones who are running a sideline ‘business’

Running a bookie? What’s a bookie? And why are some people way over-celebrating their race win? It’s not like they could put money on it, right?…RIGHT?

And are we stereotyping that anyone ‘running a bookie’ would be wearing a peaked cap? You’re damn right we are…(how else would we recognise them?).


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