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The UAE Visa Amnesty Is A Great Thing For The Country And Can Make Life Better For All Of Us

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The UAE’s visa amnesty programme has launched today, and while it does not affect everyone, a huge mass of people have availed the opportunity to legalise their status.

It’s a great opportunity for those illegally residing within the UAE, to legitimise their status – to be able to find future work here, and to be able to apply for new visas legally.

Job seekers are even entitled to a six-month visa to search for a job – but if they don’t get one, they’ll be required to leave the UAE after that time.

It’s a great service, for a few reasons

It’s positive from a humanitarian perspective – the UAE is enabling those who may have experienced difficult financial situations, or visas, to come forward and get legal status – meaning they won’t be taken advantage of from dishonest bosses or people looking to exploit their illegal status.

It’s also enabling those who wish to go home – but were scared of penalties (including fines and jail time).

Kerala is even offering free flights home to those who avail the service and wish to return to the South India state.

It’s also good for the UAE – to reduce the number of illegals, and for statistics

Legalising the status of these people means the government can have a clearer understanding of the circumstances in which people are living, the population statistics become clearer, and the amount of jobseekers in the UAE is also clarified.

It’s a positive step, and will help the government know where to allocate additional resources.

It’s just another step in the UAE’s incredible moves towards embracing its expat communities

Following on from the announcements earlier this year, that high achievers and entrepreneurs would be entitled to 10-year visas, businesses could change to 100% foreign ownership without the use of freezones, and the jobseeker visas – along with the amnesty visa scheme show just how committed the UAE is, to making the country a prosperous, international city that welcomes its expats and cares for its nationals.

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