The 13 Ultimate Do's and Don'ts Guidelines For Brunching In Dubai

An idiot's guide for how to brunch

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While we're not experts, (although between the lot of us at the Lovin' office we have seen our fair share of brunches) we have definitely learnt a thing or two about brunching in our time.

These little gems of info should get you through your first (or fifteenth) brunch in safety, because lord knows, some of us need the help.

1. Don't get caught out wearing white... (or peach)

The chocolate fountain won't look so tempting when it's dripping down your front...and no amount of deodorant will cover sweat-stains if you decide to wear a peach colour. You have been warned. 


2. Don't pre-drink before a brunch

Serious rookie error here...There's ABSOLUTELY really no need. Choose to have a few looseners and you'll be swinging from the rafters before the rest of the table are halfway into their second mojito.

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3. Don't break the seal early

(You know exactly what we mean.) You have a long day of overfeeding and over-drinking ahead of you and pesky toilet breaks just get in the way.

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4. Don't settle on the nearest food, without exploring the full spread first

Knowing where the best munch is, is valuable information. You don't want to fill up on stir-fries and salads only to find out there's a make your own TACO station do you? Do the rounds as soon as you arrive.


5. Do wear comfy shoes, you've got a long day ahead of you 

For a sit-down meal, you do a lot of standing (if you're really hardcore and make it to the end of the night, that will be 16 hours of eating, boozing, sitting...and standing!) So you'll definitely want to be in comfortable(ish) shoes**

**This is not an excuse to get the Crocs out.


6. Don't overeat, because you will vomit...and die

Only joking, but you'll probably vom all over your outfit, and no one likes a mess.

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7...And definitely Don't carb-load if you plan on wolfing down the desserts too

We don't care how tempting the made-on-the-spot pasta station smells, (damn you, delicious garlic) if you want room for the mountains of cakes and sweeties, you need to stay away from the mash.

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8. Do pretend it's your mates birthday

All the staff will sing him/her 'happy birthday' while you get to enjoy the extra cake that was brought to your table without you even having to move. Winning. At. Life. 

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9. Do remember to tip the waiter if you want an endless supply of (strong) drinks

Not only are these guys run off their feet all day, but they also decide how many drinks you are allowed in front of you at one time AND the strength of each drink. They have the power people!


10. Do start a stockpile of drinks (we reckon 3pm is a good time for this)

This is the best piece of advice we can give. Some brunches let you hang around for a bit after 4pm so having a couple of drinks stashed is key.

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11. Do bring some deodorant...or make sure a friend does

Yeah yeah, we know this is easier said than done but it's a long day, (and maybe a long night too if you're lucky) and nobody likes a stinker. Girls: jam one in your handbag, lads...invest in a manbag?


12. Don't be a cheapo by doing the cheapest brunch going

Because you get what you pay for. AED 160 for a brunch sounds great, (everyone's a sucker for a bargain) but that headache you'll have Saturday morning is purely down to the cheap brand of drink you got sloshed on all day Friday. You'll only have yourself to blame.

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13. Do line your stomach with a bit of brekkie in the morning

The biggest rookie error of all: thinking you don't need breakfast. Forget to break your fast? That first drink will go straight to your head and you'll be hammered well before it's appropriate.

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Casey Fitzgerald

Outside of writing for Lovin Dubai, you'll find Casey inhaling hummus, making a constant stream of terrible puns and running around in circles.