The 10 Best Tweets Which Accurately Sum Up The Region's Love Affair With Vimto

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Ahhhhh sweet, sweet Vimto.

The super sweet nectar of the Gods made from grapes, raspberries, blackcurrant, and although it's a British drink (yup really, it was invented in the UK in 1908!), it remains consistently popular in this region, it brings back all of the great childhood memories, its kept a retro style of packaging and year-on-year Vimto is the drink that fills homes across the region during Ramadan.

And people are HERE for it.

Here are 10 tweets that sum up the region's love affair with Vimto

1. This is accurate. 2. There's a FIZZY Vimto???

2. This tweet wins Twitter this week - hey mom!

3. Fair question

4. 'Cos you can't NOT

5. You know when you've had too much

6. It's never enough

7. Actual footage

8. This is all of us


10. But not everyone's a fan...

The Vimto 'gram page is low-key the best Instagram account - a tribute to our hero

It's like Vimto is the model and they've set up shoots for all occasions. This is too great.

Vimto at iftar

Vimto as food art

Vimto by candlelight

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