Charity Is An Integral Element Of Ramadan – Here Are 5 Ways You Can Volunteer

Any amount of help counts


Dubai residents are known for their generosity and therefore it is no surprise that they frequently donate to various causes. As the spirit of giving increases with the start of Ramadan (that's because charity is an essential element of Islam), here's how you can make a difference.

1. Help a labourer

Dubai-based charity, Adopt-A-Camp helps 50,000 labourers in the city and you can too! All you need to do is donate basics such as groceries, telephone cards or toiletries. If not, then organise a collection and get others to gather all these items for the charity. Members of Adopt-A-Camp are open to suggestions, so if you have ideas on how to further improve the lives of these men who build the city...go right ahead.

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2. Donate items you don't use

Dubai Cares will place collection boxes in most malls to allow residents to drop off things that aren't of use to them, so it can be distributed to individuals who need them most. Donations such as clothes, books, household items and even gadgets are welcome, though people are urged not to use the boxes as an opportunity to discard items in a pathetic condition.

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3. Distribute water

The Sameness Project (an initiative that tries to bridge the gap between the fortunate and less-fortunate ones in the city) invites residents to join them as they distribute water bottles to labourers during the summer. Just what they need in this scorching heat. Titled 'Water for Workers' the project also involves visits to labour camps.

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4. Contribute to a charity

A little amount of money can make a difference to someone's life in a big way. The Emirates Red Crescent Society is a government registered charity that accepts donations. These funds are then used in areas of conflict. In addition to a list of places / causes that you can donate to, you can also sponsor an orphan.

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5. Keep aside your leftovers

You can actually feed someone this Ramadan. All you need to do is call the Food Control Department of Dubai Municipality when you have leftover food and they pick it up and distribute it to needy individuals. Under the Hifz Al Ni'am (which means 'Value the blessings') project, Dubai Municipality's special vans ensure food is transferred, packaged and stored in the most hygienic way. 

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