Watch: Drones Have Put A Completely New Spin On Falconry In Dubai

Yet another amazing use of modern technology in Dubai

Falconry is one of the most traditional and historical sports in Dubai, loved and cherished by our very own Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum and Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum. And now Falconry specialists Royal Shaheen have really upped the ante by applying a creative and modern spin to this beautiful sport by introducing drones to train the birds. 

"This is a new way of getting a new level of fitness from a captive bird,”

Hendrik Du Toit

Falconry has a long history in the UAE

Traditionally,  training birds of prey is a precise and intricate art. Trainers usually use a lure ( a long strand of line with some bait attached to the end) and swing it in an open space as the falcon dives and swoops. 

Now though, plastic tubes can be attached to the base of a drone along with a small parachute with raw flesh. The drone then flies through the air as the falcon attempts to catch the meat in its claws. According to Hendrik, this exercise strengthens the falcons back and leg muscles. Wow.

Check out these stunning pictures of our Royal family participating in Falconry

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