Weekend Bucket-List

because we like to keep you occupied

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It's the weekend and Eid feels like a lifetime ago already (it does for us anyway)!

Here's a few activities to keep you going and to help make the most of your weekend!!

Enter a competition

and you might just win it. Where you ask?? Well we've teamed up with our friends at Vita Coco - Keep an eye on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and you might just get lucky!


Feel the beats

at Zero Gravity! Both Chicane and Alex Adair are making appearances on tonight and it's bound to be a good night.


Regardless what type of Brunch you enjoy

Just make sure you do one! Unsure of which one? This will help....


360 season is back

At 360˚ in Jumeirah Beach Hotel and they're having a launch night on Friday with Rodriquez junior playing live! Guaranteed greatness right here!


Sample some beers at Oktoberfest

And check here for a taster of the yum German food you can look forward to.


Then head for a recovery breakfast on Saturday

At the new Common Grounds restaurant in MoE, it's only just opened

Or what about some out door fun...?

Seriously what better way is there to experience somewhere you love so much? Check out our best camping spots and your essentials list- see we've already done half of the hard part for you!


And one you should have thought of but probably haven't...

Swimming! The sea is no longer hot like a jacuzzi. Head to the beach and cool down!

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