We're Not The Only Ones Who Think Bab Al Shams Is At The Top Of It's Game

We said it only a few weeks ago but now it's official

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Once again Bab Al Shams has proved that their resort is top class after winning the award for 'The World's Best Luxury Desert Resort 2015'. This is their 3rd time in a row to take home one of these awards so it just really goes to show how awesome the place is!

We were there a couple of weeks ago and it was unbelievable....So just to share the love, here is a recap of why we love Bab Al Shams:

It has the best of Lebanese, Arabian, Indian, Italian and International cuisines

Seriously, their food is like lots of mini taste explosions!


Whether you're there to laze about during the day or chill out at night with some shisha

Bab Al Shams has something for everyone!


It's an ideal spot to escape from the craziness of the city

Because we all need a little chill time every now and then


Their pool is slick

Like knock your socks off slick


Pic courtesy of Trip Advisor

And just check out the view...

Need we say more? Wow.


Photo courtesy of Splendia

It's service is top notch

Which is why its won so many awards!


It is probably the only place with an Arab-Indi fusion


This spot is definitely a place to remember

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