When an ISIS leader called all Muslims to join the fight...Muslims replied with hilarious tweets

It seems they're just too busy watching Star Wars or eating couscous...

Isis 2

When an Isis statement "urgently calling all Muslims to join the fight" was released earlier this week...it didn't quite get the response that the group was probably hoping for. Instead, Muslims mocked the call to arms by responding with hilarious reasons why they were jus too busy.

The audio statement was released by ISIS after it was reported that reclusive ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi had been injured and possibly incapacitated. The Islamic State terrorist group claimed the audio was from the man himself.

The 34-minute recording (if genuine) is the first public address by Mr. Baghdadi in six months, and comes after reports that he suffered shrapnel wounds damaging his spine during a coalition airstrike in Iraq.

The speaker identifies himself as Mr. Baghdadi and tells Muslims that they have two choices: Either travel to join the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL, or else carry out attacks in their home countries.

Here are some of the best responses to his call to arms...

*NOTE: the twitter account of iyad_elbaghdadi seen in some of the above tweets is not connected to ISIS but belongs to someone who has translated the audio statement into English 

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