#WhyICantLeaveTwitter Trends And UAE Residents' Tweets Are Hilarious


Among several topics trending on Twitter last night was #whyicantleavetwitter with around 78.9K tweets.

The map above, courtesy Trends Map, should give you an idea of how widespread the hashtag was.

We absolutely loved the posts by UAE residents. Some were sarcastic, some were (perhaps) honest but they were plain HILARIOUS.

Check out some of the tweets!

Safe zone

Stalker alert!

As candid as possible

Pretty honest

Ours too!




There's hope!

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Naina Shahani

Born and brought up in Dubai, Naina is a trained reflexologist who loves gastronomic adventures, genuine people and green tea. When not writing, she splits her time between finding different places to eat at and perfecting her Instagram shots.