9 Memes That Sum Up Exactly How We Feel Now That The Temperature Is (Finally) Cooling

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Going outside for a walk without breaking a sweat is a distant memory and the days of popping a jacket into your bag 'just in case'...wait...did those days even happen?

But alas (according to the good people who update our weather apps) winter is most-certainly coming and 'excited' is not the word. Most things we're excited about, but there is definitely one of two things we'll miss. Here are a couple of memes that sum up how we feel about the long-awaited winter.

1. When you live in Dubai and you're actually excited about winter coming

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2. You can finally walk through a car park without that wretched blast of heat hitting your face

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3. You'll now have no excuse not to take the Metro

(Because during summer, the heat means it's basically not an option)


4. You'll finally be able to wear makeup again

HURRAH!...Because nobody can pull off a sweaty face

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5. Your car will no longer feel like an oven


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6. You can finally go to the park and exercise outside again

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7. Having a good hair day will no longer be determined by the weather

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8. You can say goodbye to good old 'tash sweat

Yep that and all the other uncomfortable bodily sweat spots...and we might actually get a good night sleep now too!

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9. You'll no longer have to sleep under a constant supply of cold air-con

That stuff's just not good for you.

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