Your last-minute nutrition plan for the XDubai Spartan Race

Find out what to eat before, during and after the run

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If you're one of over 5,000 nutters taking part in the Reebok Spartan races at Jebel Ali Race Course this Friday you're probably feeling pretty excited/nervous about now. The training is in the bag and now all you need to do is run, jump and climb, right? Well, there's still one more thing you can perfect, and that's getting your pre and post-race nutrition right.

Personal trainer and nutrition guru at Regime Fitness, Daniel Wells, (who is running the 13K Super Spartan) has the lowdown...

The Day Before The Race...

Making sure your diet is formulated and correct prior to any race is the key to success. The day before race day, have your main meal at lunchtime. This needs to be carbohydrate and protein heavy i.e tuna, pasta and tomatoes lightly covered in olive oil. Then a smaller meal for dinner, such as chicken, wild rice and broccoli, so you have plenty of time to digest.

Race Morning...

For your race day nutrition you need the right blend of refined carbohydrates (easier on the stomach than whole grains), protein, and fat. Try eating white toast or a bagel with cashew nut butter and wash it down with water and coffee (as long as caffeine doesn't upset your stomach). Remember to stick to what you know, If you've been having porridge with perhaps some protein powder on training days, and it works well for you, stick with it. Make sure you do this at least two hours beforehand to avoid feeling bloated. If you are in need of a snack then a piece of fruit i.e a banana or grapefruit would be a good idea.

During The Race...

If you don’t want to just rely on water and sports drinks during your race, try some on-the-run nutrition products such as carb rich gels or chews i.e. Clif Shot Energy Gels, PowerBar Performance Energy Bars or Honey Stinger Energy Chews. The key here again, is not to try anything you haven’t already used in training.

After the Race...

Post-race nutrition is also important, for immediate recovery you want to replace the lost carbs and protein to help the body recover. Your goal here would be finding a good quality source of protein and simple carbs i.e. a protein and carb rich shake or a fruit and veg smoothie would work too, it's something quick and easy to make before leaving home.

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Daniel Wells